Legalization of parental authorization

For the legalization of a power of attorney, the following documents are required:


– A request sent to the Ambassador
– The power of attorney (duly signed by the Mandator);
– Copy of the national identification document of at least six (06) months of validity (National ID or Passport) of the principal and the agent, mentioned in the power of attorney.
– Stamp costs amount to 1000 FCFA (RM 07) and to 10000 FCFA (RM 68) if the document to be legalized is a notarial power of attorney.

Legalization of power of attorney

– A parental authorization signed by the father, mother or duly authorized guardian and accompanied by a copy of the document certifying the latter’s Senegalese nationality;
– A copy of the child’s birth certificate or national identity card or passport;

Note that other documents may be required, depending on the document to be certified.