It should be specified from the outset that under an exemption agreement concluded between Malaysia and Senegal, Senegalese nationals are exempt from visa requirements for tourist stays not exceeding thirty (30) days in Malaysia.


With regard to other types of visa, here are the documents to be produced at the competent Malaysian diplomatic or consular representation:


  • Passport (original 2 copies)
  • Two copies of the visa application form
  • Two passport photos
  • Confirmation proof of a return ticket (original 2 copies)
  • Bank statement or travelers checks
  • Letter of invitation or accommodation in some cases
  • Visa fees.


Since January 1, 2024, Malaysia required foreign travelers to duly complete and submit online, 3 days before their arrival, the “Malaysia Digital Arrival Card” *(MDAC) form available via the following link:


This condition is necessary for entry into Malaysian territory for all Senegalese with the exception of holders of diplomatic and official passports, as well as the presentation of a vaccination record.

Tourist stay and visa exemption

For a tourist stay of up to three months in the State of Sabah, for example, the passport presented at immigration must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of entry into Malaysia. In addition, the traveler must provide proof of a return or continuation ticket. If necessary, a visa for the country of return or final destination may be requested.


Attention :

The state of Sarawak only issues tourist visas valid for one month.

The work permit

The work permit called “Employment pass” is granted according to strict criteria. Indeed, Malaysia practices selective immigration and, therefore, only issues this permit to foreigners with proven and/or specific professional skills, wishing to bring their know-how and expertise to the Malaysian economy. . In addition, before the application is approved, the recruitment must first be approved by a committee.

Multiple entry visa

The “Multiple Entry Visa” is issued to foreign nationals required to travel to Malaysia several times a year for business or diplomatic representation. It is valid for a period of three to twelve months. In the case of citizens from India and China, the validity of the visa is one year by default, but each entry into the territory only gives the right to stay there for one month. In other words, a departure is mandatory every 30 days before returning to Malaysia for a business trip.


To be eligible for this visa, the applicant must prove that he is able to support himself during his stay in Malaysia and provide proof of the reservation of a return ticket. Costs are also generated by such an approach.

The visa for a long stay

The long-term stay visa is known as “Long-Term Social Visit Passes” (LTSVP). This visa initially applies to non-Malaysian spouses and children under the age of 18 (can be extended). Note that this type of visa is not intended for expatriates and permanent residents.


However, parents and family members (with a certain limit) of foreign officials, ie, those who are not considered dependents, are eligible. Moreover, new arrangements have been introduced in the context of obtaining this type of visa, following a marriage with a Malaysian citizen. For more information, visit the Malaysian Immigration Department website.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

A 10-year program called “Malaysia My Second Home” (MM2H) has also been introduced. This allows you to benefit from a visa for a long stay with a renewable validity of ten years. Spouses and dependent children under the age of 21 are also taken into account in this residence permit.


With this program, the interested party can:

  • Receive a visit “pass” valid for five years as well as a multiple-entry visa, renewable every five years.
  • Import a car or buy a new one tax-free and benefit from other tax advantages.

Who can benefit ?

People who meet the following criteria can benefit from the “Malaysia My Second Home” programme:


-People under the age of 50 must:


  • If they are single, deposit at least RM100,000.00 or US$26,315.79 in a bank account in Malaysia, or have a monthly income of at least RM7,000.00 or US$1,842.10,
  • If they are in a relationship, deposit at least RM150,000.00 or 39,473.68 USD in a bank account in Malaysia or have a monthly income of at least 10,000.00 RM or 2,631.58 USD.


-People aged 50 and over must:

  • If they are single, deposit a minimum of RM100,000.00 or US$26,315.79 in a bank account in Malaysia, or have a monthly income of at least RM7,000.00 or US$1,842.10 ,
  • If they are in a relationship, deposit at least RM150,000.00 or 39,473.68 USD in a bank account in Malaysia, or have a monthly income of at least 10,000.00 RM or 2,631.58 USD .


Applicants for this program must also be covered by a Malaysian insurance company and provide a medical report from a local hospital./p>

Transit Visa

The transit visa is intended for foreign travelers originating from certain countries and passing through Malaysia for another destination. However, it is only necessary when the persons concerned plan to leave the airport before boarding for their next destination, on board a flight other than the one on which they arrived.


In addition, the maximum transit time authorized by this visa is 120 hours, or five days. In addition, the issuance of this authorization is at the discretion of the Malaysian Immigration Service. In addition, arrival and departure must take place at the same airport; the traveler must present a visa for the next destination if applicable; the passport must be valid for a minimum of six months; the original tickets must be accompanied by a copy of the itinerary (the reservation number entered alone is not taken into account).

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