L’ambassadeur du Sénégal salue les mesures prises par le Gouvernement malaisien pour freiner COVID-19

L’ambassadeur du Sénégal salue les mesures prises par le Gouvernement malaisien pour freiner COVID-19

KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 — The Embassy of Senegal commended the Malaysian Health Ministry for its continuous effort and mechanism in dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in a high number of recovered cases among patients.

Senegal’s Ambassador to Malaysia Fatou Danielle Diagne said the approach taken by the Health Ministry has put Malaysia among the countries that demonstrated a quick and adequate response to maintain a low death rate.

“We praise the Government of Malaysia’s initiatives to curve the spread of the COVID-19 for the safety and health of Malaysians and other people living in Malaysia,” Diagne told Bernama in a reply statement.

On another note, Diagne confirmed that none of her fellow citizens are currently stranded in Malaysia amid the travel restrictions imposed to control the spread of COVID-19.

The ambassador also stressed that none of the Senegalese community in Malaysia has been infected with the deadly virus as of now, and that the embassy will continue to monitor the situation.

“The Embassy and the people of Senegal fully support the measures and decisions taken by the Malaysian Government to contain the spread of COVID-19.

“Following the announcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) which began March 18, the Embassy has taken steps urging Senegalese Community, mainly comprised of students and private sector workers living here, to fully comply with all orders,” she said.

The Ambassador said Senegal has adopted an Economic and Social Resilience Programme (PRES) with a view to combating the pandemic as well as supporting households, businesses and the Diaspora which take into account Senegalese citizen living in Malaysia to help them cope with conditions imposed by the confinement.

Diagne also said the President of Senegal, Macky Sall, has initiated World Wide contribution paper on COVID-19 mainly centred on solidarity among countries during this difficult time where he called upon cancellation of public debts for poor countries, the Reform of Healthcare Systems and the Establishment of New World Order.